Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So after 6 years or so without touring, I'm finally hittin' the highways again, this time for a short Northwest tour with the Saurian Jihad known as Cretaceous. The first show will either be in Eugene or Medford, Oregon, on Wednesday, April 15th (not confirmed yet, obviously), with the shows listed below following:

Bloodhag and Sindios! Fuck yeah!!! (It's in Seattle, PS.)

Then, on to Portland on Friday the 17th, to play a place called The Orphanage (I think it's some kind of punkhouse party) with The Hedonist and Diesto (Fuck yeah again!).

Saturday the 18th, onward to my homeland, Humboldt County, where we will be playing with Thirtythreeandathird at The Alibi in Arcata.

If you reside in any of these cities, please feel free to come out and buy Cretaceous a fucking beer. Or just stay home, download our demo, and kill your family. Either way.

Above: Vanimal (aka Vanowar) prepares for a bloody assault on the hoary lands to the North.

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Anonymous said...

Vanowar! It's like the A-Team on angel dust. We look forward to reports of glorious excess. Virgins deflowered, substances ingested, bloody eardrums, snapped necks, and smoking craters of former venues. Go forth Cobras and slay!