Sunday, March 8, 2009


Above: Name ONE FUCKING PERSON cooler than Brian Bosworth. I dare you.

Brian Bosworth, controversial and badass linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners (84-86) and the Seattle Seahawks (87-89) was the absolute summation of coolness in the late 80's and early 90's. Although he was a dismal failure in the NFL (my own personal theory is that he quit in disgust as a direct result of the rise of grunge music in the Pacific Northwest), The Boz didn't let it slow him down, and went on to be an action star in several B-movies afterwards.

I give you the facts:

1: The Boz had an endorsement deal with Oakley shades, which were still rad in 1990.
2: The Boz had a sweet mullet.
3: The Boz wore a fanny pack (unconfirmed).
4: The Boz wore a headband.

5: The Boz shaved crazy lines on the side of his head sometimes (above).
6: The Boz starred as a renegade biker, opposite Lance Henriksen, in the 1991 action classic Stone Cold.
7: The Boz won the Dick Butkus Award in 1985 AND 1986.
8: On occasion, The Boz sported a dangly earring or two (right).

And, as evidenced by the clip below:

9: The Boz rocked a leather duster.
10: The Boz could knock a guy out cold by throwing him into a supermarket soup display.

Fuck yeah, Boz. Fuck yeah.

The Boz was arrested on DUI charges in Los Angeles 2 days ago. I smell a frame-up.

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Erik Del Tigre said...

Sweet! Check this one out--the Boz gets introspective.