Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay, raise your hand if you dig Death Metal. Now, raise your hand if you dig Doom Metal. Now raise your hand if you would dig the most intensely bludgeoning, vicious combination of the two. Got it so far?
Next, put your hand DOWN if you already have Incantation's Onward To Golgotha. Anyone with their hand still in the air needs to download this album NOW.

Download HERE

Did you know that Incantation has had at least 39 members since their inception in 1989? And that's just on recordings. They've had even more dudes play with them live. Take that, Napalm Death.


sludge_feast said...

shelby, your blog rules. this album CRUSHES. i remember first hearing it when it came out in 1992 (i was 14) and just thinking "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??".

Generic Cialis said...

I kept my hand down the entire time, but i believe that no matter what i have to get this album, that sick cover is just amazing and if the cover gives an idea of interior then am in it.