Monday, March 16, 2009


Since I know you guys never get tired of me hawking my wares here on the I.C., here's a couple links to some multi-media projects I've participated in lately. First off is a 2 hour spot Dalton did on Pirate Cat Radio Sunday before last. We did some acoustic songs (including covers of Dust, The Misfits, and the "Golden Girls" theme song), some comedy, and brought our own playlist, including lots of cheesy 80's soudtrack music and 70's rock jams. Download the full podcast HERE. Thanks to DJ Skully for having us on.
And don't forget, if you're in the Yay Area, Dalton will be rocking Pissed-Off Pete's (4528 Mission, SF) with the Stalking Distance (Sacramento) next Saturday the 21st and Annie's Social Club (5th and Folsom, SF) with The Meat Sluts, Fat Bottom Girls, and The Ramoneskis the Saturday after that (the 28th).
I was also interviewed about my Dino-Metal band, Cretaceous, a couple days ago on my buddy Christine (CeeStar's) music blog. You can read that stuff HERE. Cretaceous will be embarking on our first tour (Northwest only) in mid-April, I'll post about that shit once all the dates and venues are finalized. OK? Sweet.

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