Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Phantom Limbs were a rather popular Bay Area-based band active from 1999 until 2004 or '05. Imagine, if you will, having your ass kicked by a bunch of drunk punks on acid at a carnival and you might start getting an idea of what these sick fucks sounded like. Keyboard driven death rock punk jams are what these dudes were all about, pierced by the nasal whine of notorious lead singer Hopeless, an engaging freak who could usually be found pissing onstage, or naked, or assaulting the audience, or often all three at once. The Limbs were voted Best Local Band by the SF Weekly in 2003, toured Europe twice, and the States a couple times too. Jello Biafra signed them to Alternative Tentacles early on, but this pre-A.T. demo is relatively hard to find, so quit jerking off to the new Zombi album and download this shit, fanboy!
Recently, a Phantom Limbs 'retrospective' of sorts was released on DVD. It's pretty hilarious. You can get it here.

Below: Trouble with the ol' 79 Dodge. Weak.

Download HERE

Did I mention that two of the Limbs play in an awesome Death Metal band called Cretaceous these days? Cuz they do.


str8ev said...

wow, i had only heard these guys from the cover that the fleshies did...this is awesome stuff and totally different than what i imagined.

Shelby Cobras said...

yeah they get the goth/death rock label a lot but they're so much better than that. their later albums are great too.