Saturday, March 28, 2009

Edmund Welles

By Peter

Most of you know Apocalyptica.

For those who dont, they are a cello quartet who made a name for themselves by covering established metal bands such as Metallica.

Id like to bring your attention to a related (but in my opinion much cooler) group, Edmund Welles.

Edmund Welles is a bass clarinet quartet made up of some fellow bay area metal heads. They have collaborated with blog favorite Sleepytime Gorilla Museum as well as several others. These guys write original music which draws from avant-jazz, new music (contemporary classical), etc. as well as metal. They do some covers, but are a bit more eclectic then Apocalyptica. Everything Ive heard from them is kick ass but unfortunately I haven't got my hands on a full album yet. I hope to this weekend when they play at Switchboard Fest. If I get one Ill post it here but in the mean time there are a few songs available to stream or download on their website (click their name above). Make sure to check out the song Tooth and Blood.
Heres a video from last years Bang on a Can festival in San Francisco...

Also, check them out on Sunday at Switchboard Festival. They're playing at 5:30pm and its at 3316 Mission (at 24th).

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