Friday, March 6, 2009


Cephalectomy (not to be confused with fellow grinders Cephalotripsy or Cephalic Carnage) are the self-proclaimed innovators of the "True Northern Mystigrind" genre, belting out Lovecraft-obsessed, disjointed Death Metal in an odd style unabashedly reminiscent of early Kataklysm. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, their music reflects the snowy desolation of their homeland, with hints of Black Metal and moody, quiet interludes. The riffage here is absolutely top notch, rife with weird, discordant hammer-ons, atonal leads, and vicious, straightforward GRINDING, albeit backed by robotic drum-machine weirdness (although I can't blame them for resorting to a drum machine - it must be hard as Hell to track down an insane drummer in Nova Scotia).
Hessian Minions, take note: Cephalectomy is about to remove your head from your body.

Download HERE

Below: LaBatt's Blue, I see? Extra points for Cephalectomy.

Editors note: Technical Foul, #666, offense. Posting two drum-machine Metal bands in a row. 10 yard penalty and loss of down.

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