Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I’ll often do this thing where I get really excited about a new (or contemporary) record and I want all of you guys to check it out but then I feel bad just putting it up because it’s readily available for purchase and the sale would actually benefit the band. SO, what I do instead is post something the band put out a few years ago, like a demo or an EP or something, and then I use that as leverage to encourage you to check out the NEW record (which I strongly, strongly recommend purchasing). I think I did that with that Blackholicus, Dark Black, Lighting Swords of Death, ect. I guess I kind of did that with Christian Mistress too (man, I really spoil you guys). Anyway, I’m doing it again. This time, as the first part of an ongoing series.

SF on SF

First up, SAROS.

It’s raining in LA right now and it’s making me miss my hometown. It’s also making me flip out over this band called SAROS. Their new record (the one I want you to buy) is available here from Profound Lore and the label describes it thusly:

“Featuring members from revered acts as BASTARD NOISE, Amber Asylum (mastermind Kris Force also makes a guest appearance on “Acrid Plains”, along with Saros also being known as Amber Asylum’s sister metal band), and the legendary Weakling, Saros meld influences that can be reflected with such genres as extreme progressive metal (later era DEATH), traditional epic metal (“…And Justice For All” era METALLICA), aristocratic metal (Hammers Of Misfortune), with a splash of Ludicra-esque black metal, chamber music (Amber Asylum), along with the neo folk sensibilities found within artists like DEATH IN JUNE and AGALLOCH.”

Lets unpack that real quick:

Progressive Metal
Traditional Epic Metal
Aristocratic Metal
Ludicra-esque Black Metal

Now while that may in fact be an incredibly accurate (if not overly detailed) description of SAROS, I pause at this genre known as “Ludicra-esque Black Metal”. The term they are looking for, although they may not know it, is NWOABM (not NHWOBHM) which stands for New Wave of American Black Metal.

What makes a NWOABM band a NWOABM band? We’ll besides being both NEW (contemporary) and from AMERICA (typically the west coast), it helps to combine in some way a little aristocracy, a little neo-folk sensibility, a slight leaning towards the epic, an inclining for the progressive and a strong base of frosty, grim, Black Metal. Other NWOABM bands would include Wolves in the Throne Room, Lesbian, Embers, of course Ludicra and of course SAROS. There are hundreds of others, all of which I’m sure will soon be labeled as such as my bros Cosmo and Scott continue to popularize the naming of this new genre on my behalf.

Anyway, SAROS owns. Here is their EP from 2006. They put out a new record last year, as I’ve mentioned, and it owns as well. You should own it too.


Invisible Oranges said...

Heh, some people have even started talking about "Cascadian black metal" like it's another subgenre. There's an act called Oskoreien that's good with that vibe. Free demo here:


I wouldn't say that American black metal has any sound, as it's too diverse. But I do think that there is a lot of creativity here, and that the world will think differently of USBM in 10 years than it does now.

Saros may be the band I miss the most. I listened to Acrid Plains again recently and was stunned at how fresh and deep it still sounded.

SEANFORD said...

COSBRO, i totally and completely agree. Also, i made some delicious Insalata Caprese yesterday for your veggie ass which you fucked up and missed out on. its cool though, dozens of hot babes enjoyed it in your absence. And they all say hi.


SEANFORD said...

i mean MLIB

abdul alhazred said...

Saros is excellent. I've never heard of Lesbian but I don't feel up to googling it quite right now...

Shelby Cobras said...

Dude, you should totally Google "lesbian"! I just did and it was... it was... amazing.

PS Acrid Plains NONSTOP at ICHQ lately. R.I.P. Saros


SEANFORD said...

acrid fucking plains man. i can't get enough. also, ill post some Lesbian later on. they're good.

Cory said...

tim is in a new band with bryce that has some complicated name i cant remember right now.

SEANFORD said...

throw us a bone cory

Manslaughter said...

It's really complicated. HOLLOW MIRRORS
Also includes BLOOD EAGLE on drums. Bryce was also in this fucking sweet ass band called HOT BLACK DESIATO
Epic stoner metal.