Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vowel-Deficient Swedish Math Metal Band Seeks "Full-Bodied" Vocalist For Meaningful Relationship

Anyone else remember that rippin' demo I posted from Swedish math-metallers RXYZYXR back in February? That was some hot shit.
Anyways, RXYZXXXYYRXYZZZR were looking for a vocalist back then, and according to another message I've received from Illogical Bro (and XYXYXYZRZYXRZYXYRZXR band member) Illight, they still are. These guys are totally down with a "remote" vocalist, meaning that if you're reading in Kansas and have a secure internet connection, YOU could be the new singer for RRRRRRRRRXXXXYXRYXXXXXXRRRRYYYRXXXRY. So sack up, you fucking pussy. Maybe you should be doing something a little more constructive with your time than sitting in your room doing screamo covers of Lady Gaga songs.

RXYZYXR Myspace. Go to it, and become famous.

Oh yeah, the purpose of this whole post was to showcase the brand new YXZXZXZYXYXZXYXZXRXRXZXRXRXYXYXRXZX video "Polar Knights", which we are going to watch........ NOW

Note the shot of the lonely, unattended microphone at the beginning of the video :(

C'mon, you fucking morons. The influences might be apparent, but these dudes obviously have their shit together and are ready to SHRED. I like what I hear, I'm sure many of you out there in the Contrap-Nation do too. Let's fuckin' hook these guys up.

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