Sunday, July 11, 2010


My kid just started his summer vacation, so to celebrate we moseyed on down to the local cinemaplex to catch the new Predators flick. Guess what: it was pretty rad (although the highlight of the entire experience was probably the preview for Machete that preceded the actual film). I don't need to tell you that my kid has great taste in movies -- I assume that much is implied inherently -- so come Saturday morning he requested that I fill in the Predator back-story for him: that's right, a weekend-long Predator marathon! Father-son-Schwarzenegger bonding at its best, right in the comfort of our own home.
But you know me, I've always got to share the joy. So here you go:


Anyone familiar with 80's action-movie soundtracks probably knows what to expect: ORCHESTRA HITS. LOTS OF ORCHESTRA HITS. Prepare to have your nads thoroughly pumped. These are some hot jams.

This is definitely a "rare/share" situation, as this OST is pretty tough to find. So unless you want to pay $250-$300 for your own physical copy from Amazon, feel free to procure your own non-physical copy right here, right now, courtesy of your old buddies here at The Cobras Estate. You're welcome.

Download HERE
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Next weekend: Alien marathon?


Will Towles said...

I'm glad some else liked it. Everyone I talk to about Predators seems to be too eager to slam the movie to even begin to enjoy it. I thought the movie was pretty fun, the "hunting dogs" ruled.

Helm said...

Is A vs P 2 really worth watching?

Maya said...

I liked it too, and even though I'm a hardcore fan of the first one (Aliens as much so I haven't even bothered attempting to watch either of the AVP movies. I did own the AVP2 computer game though :]) I actually didn't mind all of the homages.

Daniel said...

Next up, ya better show him the Conan movies(maybe he's already schooled on those?) Carry on....

Doug said...

thanks for the link exchange!
this site has always been one of the best. and now a bunch of predator shit?!? killer.

anyways, take care!

Aylmer said...

Nice Cobras. But AVP 2? Yikes. Predators looks fun, might try and get to it this week.

A L I E N = GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. Next year could be the shit as far as monster movies. Ridley's return to the series and he wants to bring Giger back with him. It's a dream come true for me. And a prequel to my OTHER favourite monster movie: Carpenter's THE THING. So far things are looking pretty good for that one, good casting etc.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

AVP2 was one of the worst films I ever saw. Seriously. Up there with Spider-Man 3, The Flintstones Movie and One Night At McCools. I watched it again on was WORSE.

Shelby Cobras said...

AVP was bad in a haphazard, poorly-shot, we're-just-here-to-cash-in-on-a-good-idea kind of way, whereas AVPR (or AVP2) was bad in a we're-raping-two-dignified-sci-fi-franchises-and-turning-them-into-a-banal-teen-slasher-flick kind of way. To me, that's less offensive - so much less, in fact, that I was actually able to find enjoyment in the latter. As to whether it's "worth seeing" separate from a Predator/Alien marathon: it depends where you stand on shitty movies. I like 'em.
And the PredAlien was kind of sweet.

Cory said...

The Burke cocoon scene is going to be on the new Aliens blu-ray.

Asa said...

At first I was gonna web-yell at you, Shelby, for saying AVPR was remotely good. Then I read your comment here and got you.

Cory: You've just given me reason to upgrade to Blu-Ray.

Aylmer said...

Indeed Cory, I just checked out the specs on that ALIEN set, and even though I don't have a bluray, I want that box. They even FINALLY got the cover art right. Original ALIEN logo and Giger's alien design.