Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here's a hard-to-find blast from the East Bay crustpunk past, Oakland's Ojorojo and their only (I think) full-length recording Can You Keep Your Sanity?. I've got to thank my Bro Gordon up in the frigid mountain realms of Amador County for unearthing this album and sending it my way, it's a big fat helping of warm, fuzzy senior-year nostalgia, all rolled up in a ferocious ball of blistering feedback and teenage angst. If you dig ugly 90's HC along the lines of Eldopa/1332 or Filth you're in for a real treat. Ojorojo pack the same sick, sludgy punch, but with the added treat of chaotic male/female vocals and a slew of well-chosen samples (the extended bit at the beginning of "Broken World", sampled from THX 1138, still gives me chills).
An absolute crusterpiece. Cobras = stoked. Fuck yeah.

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Manslaughter said...

Fuck yeah...I heard I got a package at my old place from him...can't wait to see what goodies he packed.