Thursday, July 8, 2010


(police getting ready for the onslaught at aprx. 4 pm this afternoon)

So there's going to be rioting out here in Oakland today following the verdict of the Oscar Grant, the man shot down by a police officer on NYE on the Fruitvale East Oakland Bart Station. I'm not gonna get too into it (or what fucking BULLSHIT the verdict was) I will just let you read about it or watch it on the news.

I've been through one of these before. The Rodney King trials in Simi Valley were gruesome. There were days when we didn't leave the house. Cars being smashed, lit on fire, storefronts being brutalized and bashed. And the police. Hell forget about it.

I read this article that police have this new thing that'll blast out protestor and rioter's ear drums. I'm not even kidding. Check it out. Ugh.

(this is me and my bazooka in junior high-ORALE!!!)

FUCK THE POLICE. I've always, always been a huge gangsta at heart. I totally was a giant chola with black lip liner, huge adidas jacket, and big baggy pants when I was in junior high.
This is one of my favorite albums to DRIVE BY. Keep off the streets, Oakland.


SEANFORD said...


Shelby Cobras said...

I concur

Aylmer said...

That verdict is so fucked. I read about this case a while back and I can't believe that pig got off on this bullshit argument.

And yes, "non-lethal" crowd dispersal tech is getting very scary. The microwave gun is the stuff of nightmares. The only vids of it on youtube show it in a military context, but I saw a documentary on riot control that said it could be used by the cops soon.

Stay safe!

Crankenstien said...

yeah this sucks 12th street is annoying in general most of the time

Mister Booze said...

the mention of Cholas made me think of this video: