Friday, July 9, 2010

SF on SF - C4AM95

Now a lot you of you guys probably think, man, this SEANFORD dude talks about getting laid a lot. He’s probably over compensating for never getting laid ever. Well, you guys are totally right. The reason is, I drive a beat ass Volvo from 1990.

White Lighting

Not only does this nasty whip only play tapes (out of one speaker) but it actually only plays ONE tape. Despite all the hessian live Priest cassettes that litter my back seat, this gnarly trim wagon will only play ONE side of ONE tape. But to be honest, its not the worst thing in the world, at least it’s my favorite band. THE MOTHER FUCKING CHAMPS.

The Champs (or related bands) have gotten a little love on IC in the past (here and here) and I’m assuming most of you guys are at least tangentially familiar. If you’re not, download this record right here (CHAMPS III) and get lost in an ocean of bong water for the rest of the week. If you don't already own IV, V, and VI, then stop fucking around, fix the belt drive on your turn table, and buy those records with intense urgency (especially IV).

As most of you are aware, the Champs are a bassless three piece, famous for pioneering a genre they themselves refer to as “total music”. Other examples of total music would be IC darlings Hematovore and Austin shredders Pirates of Darkwater (future post). Where as Total Music is their term, I just call it Fancy Metal.

I once did some recordings in SF with Phil Manly (from Trans AM) who had recently joined the Champs for their last record (VI). Over some tasty tortas, Phil “The Dragon Slayer” Manly shared with us that it was actually drummer Tim Soete who was the best guitar player in the band and the writer of many an awesome Champs riff. Not only can he shred at both drums and guitar, the dude can also sing. Which out of 60 champs songs, he only does like 3 times.

actual picture of aforementioned torta session

phil, change your fucking shirt, seriously

I could go on for days about all the other bands these dudes have been in (are in) and I could construct this enormous family tree of fancy metal lineage, but, rather than continue to push the limits of this already wordy post, ill just write about those bands later on (or you guys can just list all your favorites in the comments).

Here now, for the nerds, is Triumph of the Air Elements (lo-fi tape demo from '94), Second 7" (their second 7” from '95), AND a live bootleg from a show in Chapel Hill, NC (year unknown).

ahh, fresh pots


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Goddamit, this here blog gets better by the day!!! The Champs, or The Fucking Champs, or C4AM95 are one of my favourite bands of all time. PLUS, I just can't get enough of this whole Fancy Metal thang that you keep on posting about - it's ALL been KILLER. KEEP IT UP, for FUCKS sake!! Now, where's that Pirates Of Darkwater post?

Aylmer said...

Great band. They played the Annandale hotel here a couple of years ago (with Trans Am, and at the end of the night as Fucking Am) and blew my mind. The Champs set was almost all III, my fave of their albums so I was in heaven.

Manslaughter said...

Yeah, pretty much whatever Phil does, it's gold. Even Jonas Rihnhard, (new project, check it out).

Manslaughter said...
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The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I got Powers Of Audition by Jonas Reinhardt, gotta pick up the S.T and the iTunes EP...although I don't own an iPod.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Hey, has anyone got a copy of that 'Power Up!!' 8-Bit comp with The Champs doing the theme from Zelda on it? If you do, any chance of uploading it??

Anonymous said...

would you mind reupping those demos? :3

total music!