Friday, July 2, 2010


One-off collabo between our Bro Keith and notorious NYC MC Godfather Don recorded immediately after Keith's departure from the Ultramagnetic MCs and his alleged stint at Bellevue. The Cenobites is a pretty loose freestyle affair, originally released as an EP on Fondle 'Em Records (I know, right?!) in 1993 but then expanded to a full-length LP and re-released in '95. This was before Dr. Octagon or Dr. Dooom ever existed, before Sex Style or any of that stuff. Just a couple B-Boys throwin down ill rhymes over dope beats, although Keith's off-kilter genius is evident throughout. Dude is a freak of nature, throwin' cows at your fake forces.

I take issue with the Morrissey comparison, otherwise this is pretty accurate (thanks Peter).

Download HERE
The Cenobites on Last.FM

"Kick A Dope Verse"

PS: Was anyone else aware that Kool Keith has released no less than 36 albums since the mid-90's? This is knowledge I've gleaned only recently, and I've been hard at work plundering his back catalogue for buried gems (such as the amazingly-covered Thug or What?, shown below). I have come to the realization that while Keith has a major problem with self-editing, even his most obscure releases are full of gold and weirdness. You can get a large portion of his discography HERE, but if anyone is curious I could upload several more rarities. Let me know if there is any interest in such an endeavor...



stonerphonic said...

how he fuck could we NOT want more from a guy who kicks out a jam titled spankmaster?

srsly, i tell ya. no where near enuff of this stuff out there...

Will Towles said...

Yeah, more Kool Kieth, please. I had to take a break from him after I saw em in early 2000, in Baltimore. It wasn't really a good show but time has pasted and I have forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not. We don't like black people.