Monday, July 12, 2010


That's the rad thing about quasi-obscure Floridian death metal albums from the early 90's: there's ALWAYS another good one on deck.
Brutality live up to their name on this hateful little slab of chaotic violence, churning out the hyperspeed grind jams in a style reminiscent of their Dong State cohorts Deicide and Malevolent Creation. As is often the case with these partially-hidden gems, nothing really lives up to the very first riff of the very first song, but dedicated Hessians will find plenty here to love nonetheless. Big, stupid, awesome metal, no pretense, no eyeliner. Just the way I like it.

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Helm said...

No comments? Come on, this is a great record. Well-written songs here, moods and ideas! Better than a lot of their peers that became famous! Give it a listen.

Steven said...

I hear ya, Helm. This is a long-time favorite: melodic death metal before melodic death metal existed. And those sweet, sweet guitar solos!

Asa said...

Helm NAILED it. These guys knew how to use dynamics and let songs breathe, not just go for the throat-- they were great at BOTH! This record is a favorite of mine and a frequent exercise soundtrack.