Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The darkness, the blackness

Living in LA, you tend to do a lot of fantasizing about living in other places. For me, Portland is the ultimate “if only I had the balls to get the fuck out of here” destination. Rent is like ten bucks, nobody works, and if you’re down with the rain its like a hessian Never Never Land. The very best thing about Portland though, second only to the strip club/steak house combo The Acropolis, is the completely shredding and tragically under hyped band DARK BLACK. Think Fucking Champs x Mercyful Fate, sophisticated but not pretentions, stony but not dusted, technical but still laid.

Playing with Dark Black is a privilege in PDX as live performances are rare but a heads to up to touring bands that have hopes of getting DB on the bill: they’re going to shred twice as hard as you and you’re probably going to look like assholes. Although their master level ripping is both epic and triumphant, as a spectator you cant help but feel unworthy in the shadow of their mountainous riffage. If I taught guitar lessons I’d leave flyers outside all their shows.

Feel free to “preview” their new record by clicking on the download link below, however, this is a contemporary band and the album is brand new so I would encourage you to support these guys in anyway you can. The record is available directly through the band on their myspace and while you’re there I would recommend picking up one of their sweet new shirts, which of course, come only in black on black.

Dark Black Myspace


Editor's Note: Illogical Contraption would like to take a moment to welcome aboard yet another member to our ever-expanding Writers Legion. Seanford is a hella mass tight Bro from L.A. who kills the drums for the uber-shredding PROFESSOR. His presence here is a testament to all things wicked and profound. HAIL!


Chris said...

looking forward to this, thanks. and welcome!

Shelby Cobras said...

I agree about the Portland thing... If I didn't have so much shit to attend to in California I would be up there in a hot minute. Maybe I can show you some local treasures when we go up there on the Professor Dalton Rocks The Universe Tour later this year...

Also, this band rips some major face. Keep the good stuff coming. Multiupload has crashed my browser twice, though...

Anonymous said...

Holy Orville Shreddinbacher! These guys melt face AND panties.

-Melanie "Manslaughter"