Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daddy's Curses

From our friends at Aquarius Records:

Apparently, in 1987, an enterprising young son surreptitiously recorded his father as he attempted to repair a piano. For ten solid minutes the father lays out a steady stream of profanities ranging from the milquetoast Ned Flanders end of the spectrum to out and out Raymond & Peter nastiness. The combination of the two from one mouth is absolutely pant wetting at times, such as when our protagonist locks onto a repeated "Gosh Darn It!!" after having been laying out a heavy stream of "You Motherfucker" style potty mouth. For better or worse, the piano itself is never heard throughout the recording. The closest thing we get to hearing it are repeated strikes with what sounds like a hammer against maybe the piano's frame, eventually resulting in pieces of wood falling to the floor.

Download here

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G O D said...

hey man ,just found this great blog!downloaded a bunch of stuff,i'll comment later!some fine stuff here i've not seen elsewhere.kinda like my blog.i try to post only stuff that's not found anywhere else.lots of 100's of bands i've been in,in the local florida scene.i'll add you to my blogroll,next time i post something,check me out and add me as well,thanks -G O D