Sunday, July 18, 2010


How the fuck did I manage to NOT post this yet? Really? One year, seven months, and two weeks into the existence of Illogical Contraption and I've NEVER gotten around to posting Virus 100, one of the cornerstonesof my musical upbringing? Really? Fuck I suck.
So here's the basic story: Jello Biafra, to commemorate the 100th release of Alternative Records, rounds up a bunch of awesome bands and forces them, at gunpoint, to record covers of Dead Kennedys songs. The results are a little mixed (high points are Napalm Death, Nomeansno, Alice Donut, and Sepultura), but overall very satisfying and varied. This album was a crucial element in the ongoing soundtrack to my high school years. Nostalgia mixed with shred mixed with humor mixed with a dash of shame (I'm looking at you, Franti).

1. Police Truck - The Didjits
2. Too Drunk To Fuck - Evan Johns & His H-Bombs
3. Halloween - Alice Donut
4. Let's Lynch The Landlord - Faith No More
5. Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Napalm Death
6. Forward To Death - Nomeansno
7. Chemical Warfare - Steel Pole Bathtub
8. Saturday Night Holocaust - Neurosis
9. Moon Over Marin - Les Thugs
10. Ill In The Head - Victim's Family
11. California Uber Alles - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
12. Winnebago Warrior - Mojo Nixon & The Toad Liquors
13. Drug Me - Sepultura
14. Insight - Kramer (Wayne Kramer's solo thing)
15. Let's Lynch The Landlord - L7
16. Holiday In Cambodia - Sister Double Happiness

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The Thing That Should Not Be said...

This is worth having for the Nomeansno track ALONE!! Good call!

Aylmer said...

NMN owns this. I've always liked the weird Kramer song too.

Shelby Cobras said...

It's true, NMN wins this one, followed in a distant second by Sepultura.