Thursday, July 8, 2010


To be honest there was a minute where I was like, more like GAYceon. But I’m over it now. This album is good, and this band is made up of down bros. The thing is, Professor was doing this tour and Grayceon was slated to do all of our NW dates with us. The ultimate “fancy metal” combo. But then they bailed to do some shows with Lesbian and I was like, ah man, are you serious? Don’t get me wrong. Lesbian rips. I totally dig the Power Hor record. But I’ve seen Lesbian live and I gotta say Professor could shred the hair off their balls. I mean this in the most sophisticated musical context (and I’ll post some Lesbian later on, I won’t forget). Anyway, so I got this record, got super stoked on it, then I held a grudge like a puss and couldn’t listen to it. But that’s not chill. Because this record is actually awesome. I'm back together with Grayceon.

Featuring half of WALKEN, this progressive bay area fancy metal band features electric cello in place of bass. Both vocals and electric cello are handled by this mega bad chick named Jackie and I probably have a huge crush on her. This record is gloomy, its moody, it shreds, its has class, but most importantly and above all else:


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The Thing That Should Not Be said...

NICE. you're posting some killer stuff here mister!!

Shelby Cobras said...

Yeah, more FANCY metal! FANCY FANCY FANCY. IllCon needs MOAR FANCY.