Wednesday, July 7, 2010


as seen on the RAMBLER! (ps. tina, still down to get married)

Walken put out their self titled full length last year and it’s reason number 2009 why last year was indeed most triumphant for metal. It’s like a shitfaced ride down Potrero Hill, butt naked on a skateboard.

Essentially the modern equivalent of Wylde Stallyns, the members of Walken are ultimate bros of the highest order. Or perhaps, maybe just the highest bros. For fans of Akimbo, Lords, STREETS, Hightower, ect. It’s a kin to skate thrash, but more progressive in riffage and overall more hessian then hammered.


As per our agreement, here is 1/21/07, their EP from 2007. And here is where you can buy their NEW record. I say it rips and I honestly would not lie to you guys. Don’t be a Bitch Wizard. Eat a burrito and listen to Walken.


Aylmer said...

WALKEN RULE! Good to see em up here. Looking forward to more SF mayhem, keep em coming... also, nice to see Akimbo get a mention, however brief, they don't seem to get too much lovin round these parts of the interwebs.

Shelby Cobras said...

Thanks again for picking up my slack Brother Seanford, that pesky Real World keeps fucking with my quality IC time. Nice work with this, Walken roolz while otherz drool. PS how well-acqainted are you with Solar Stoner?

SEANFORD said...

akimbo is about to get some IC love for sure.

shelbro, i am your big spoon (digitally and physically).

solar WHAT??

Shelby Cobras said...

Solar Stoner is Shane from Walken's alter ego. He puts on tights and a cape and sings acoustic solo songs about smoking weed in space with Jesus. It'e even BETTER than I'm making it sound!

Manslaughter said...

If by BETTER you mean Mr. Solar gets so freakin' high he can't remember his songs, then YES. These are some of my bestest dude bros ever and I'm so stoked that they are gettin some sweet sweet lovin'.