Friday, July 9, 2010

Boredoms - Vancouver 06/29/1999

Y'all are some down ass motherfuckers that don't need any schooling when it comes to underground music so I'll skip the history lesson.

Recorded during their transition period between being ultimate noize punks and becoming a full on hippie sun cult this is, imho, their very best era. Super proggy and drugged out, this show is just incredible. EyE is just completely out of control and Yoshimi is at her motorik best with 2 other drummers at her side (Atari and EDA). Also featuring Yamamoto Seiichi on guitar and Hira on bass. Seamlessly melding tracks from "Super æ" and "Vision Creation Newsun" (how the fuck they do that?). PLAY THIS REALLY STONED AND REALLY LOUD.

Thank you WizardISHungry

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Aylmer said...

that's the best live photo I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Boredoms rule the cosmos. What was the venue name?