Wednesday, December 22, 2010


To quote a very wise man:

"I believe they should have done more albums, bands with a sound like this should go higher and higher."

South Carolina crustcore. Future members of Initial State, Guyana Punchline, and Damad. Do you really need any more reason than that?

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RyGar said...

Awesome album. One of the best things to get tagged with the label "crust." Most crust bands start good and then just tread water, reciting the same sentiments, playing the same d-beat/sludge songs, and generally making life unpleasant for anyone with a sense of smell. Occasionally, a band manages to break out of that trap and create a dynamic, meaningful album like this. Also, the male/female vocals do it for me.

dotism said...

Antischism is one of my favorite bands and I've recently been listening to them a lot again. Though I have a question, especially for cobras: is Antischism a hip hop group in disguise?

When you listen to the live stuff from the discog it sounds straight up G. The beats are sick and the lyrics are delivered helluv License to Ill style. It only makes me relate to the shit that much more.

Anyway, I love this band, glad to see them posted here.