Tuesday, December 14, 2010


At the risk of posting too many Christmas-themed items in a row, I present to you now yet another Yuletide stocking stuffer, namely TROLL's excellent 1996 debut album Drep De Kristne. In what is truly the spirit of the Holiday season, Troll's album is (from what I can decipher) a conceptual piece about trolls killing Christians (Drep De Kristne translates literally to "Kill The Christians"), and should be considered a must-have for any family's Christmas Music collection.

The facts:

1) Troll is the solo project of Stian Arnesen AKA Nagash, former bass player for the not-at-all-corny Dimmu Borgir. Although he added more musicians later, he played all instruments in the band from 1992-1998. He formed Troll at the age of 14 and was 18 at the time that Drep De Kristne was recorded.

2) Troll's most recent release, Neo-Satanic Supremacy, was one of the best goddamn BM albums of 2010. It sounds nothing like Kristne and you should check that shit out if you haven't already.

3) This album is sort of like the perfect mixture of elven Wongraven/Mortiis-circa-Stargate atmospheric foolishness, blackened Nightside Eclipse-esque forest hatred, early Finntroll-ish polka-metal, and symphonic majesty a la Tartaros.

Highly recommended for Holiday revelers of all ilk!

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The Goodkind said...

I must say, this sounds like the soundtrack to a Full Moon original motion picture, or an early D&D "interactive" module from the mid-1990's. Trust me, I know both.