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WEAVING SPIDERS COME NOT HERE: Alex Jones Infiltrates The Bohemian Grove Power Cult


"Every Summer in Mid-July, this country's corporate, military and political elite attend their annual retreat in the old growth redwood Bohemian Grove, along the Russian River in Monte Rio, California. As their first order of business, they stage an elaborate ritual called the "Cremation of Care". Their ritual utilizes red hooded robes, high priest and acolytes to incinerate what they term the "dull cares of the market place" at the base of a 40-foot owl totem, so that they can frolic in the woods unencumbered by business worries." (

"The Club motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here", which implies that outside concerns and business deals are to be left outside. When gathered in groups, Bohemians usually adhere to the injunction, though discussion of business often occurs between pairs of members. Important political and business deals have been developed at the Grove. The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb. Those attending this meeting, apart from Ernest Lawrence and military officials, included the president of Harvard and representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric. Grove members take particular pride in this event and often relate the story to new attendees." (Wikipedia)

"The Bohemian Club is a private club; only active members of the Club (known as "Bohos" or "Grovers") and their guests may visit the Grove. These guests have been known to include politicians and notable figures from countries outside the U.S. Particularly during the midsummer encampment, the number of guests is strictly limited due to the small size of the facilities. Nevertheless, up to 2,900 members and guests have been reported as attending some of the annual encampments.

The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president since 1923 (as well as some Democrats), many cabinet officials, directors and CEOs of large corporations including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power) and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests.
" (Wikipedia)

"There are also sleeping quarters, or "camps" scattered throughout the grove, of which it is reported there were a total of 118 as of 2007. These camps, which are frequently patrilineal, are the principal means through which high-level business and political contacts and friendships are formed.

The pre-eminent camps are:

- Hill Billies (Big Business / Banking / Politics / Universities / Media);
- Mandalay (Big Business / Defense Contractors / Politics / U.S. Presidents);
- Cave Man (Think Tanks / Oil Companies / Banking/DefenseContractors / Universities / Media);
- Stowaway (Rockefeller Family Members / Oil Companies / Banking / Think Tanks);
- Uplifters (Corporate Executives / Big Business);
- Owls Nest (U.S. Presidents / Military / Defense Contractors);
- Hideaway (Foundations / Military / Defense Contractors);
- Isle of Aves (Military / Defense Contractors);
- Lost Angels (Banking / Defense Contractors / Media);
- Silverado squatters (Big Business / Defense Contractors);
- Sempervirens (California-based Corporations);
- Hillside (Military—Joint Chiefs of Staff);
- Idlewild (California-based Corporations)


"When doing research into the New World Order, you will repeatedly come across information that the 'Brotherhood' pulling the strings has a serious loyalty to all that is evil (by definition)... One of the ancient and now well researched Canaanite deities that was and still is worshipped by the 'Brotherhood' is often symbolized as an owl and is referred to as Molech (sometimes Moloch)." (

"Leviticus 18:21

You must not give any of your children as an offering to Molech, so that you do not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord!

The Lord spoke to Moses: “You are to say to the Israelites, ‘Any man from the Israelites or from the foreigners who reside in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech must be put to death; the people of the land must pelt him with stones. I myself will set my face against that man and cut him off from the midst of his people, because he has given some of his children to Molech and thereby defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name. If, however, the people of the land shut their eyes to that man when he gives some of his children to Molech so that they do not put him to death, I myself will set my face against that man and his clan. I will cut off from the midst of their people both him and all who follow after him in prostitution, to commit prostitution by going after Molech.

"The Cremation of Care ceremony was first conducted in the Bohemian Grove at the Midsummer encampment in 1881, devised by James F. Bowman with George T. Bromley playing the High Priest. It was originally set up within the plot of the serious "High Jinks" dramatic performance on the first weekend of the summer encampment, after which the spirit of "Care", slain by the Jinks hero, was solemnly cremated. The ceremony served as a catharsis for pent-up high spirits, and "to present symbolically the salvation of the trees by the club..." The Cremation of Care was separated from the Grove Play in 1913 and moved to the first night to become "an exorcising of the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks." The Grove Play was moved to the last weekend of the encampment.

The ceremony takes place in front of the Owl Shrine, a 40-foot (12 m) hollow owl statue made of concrete over steel supports. The moss- and lichen-covered statue simulates a natural rock formation, yet holds electrical and audio equipment within it. For many years, a recording of the voice of club member Walter Cronkite was used as the voice of The Owl during the ceremony. Music and pyrotechnics accompany the ritual for dramatic effect."

"Great attention was paid to all the details, and the Druid priests who figured prominently in the show bore all the insignia of their order on their vestments. Over 500 persons figured in the spectacle, and electric and calcium lights were used to illuminate the tableaus. There was a symphony orchestra and a grand chorus. A Druids' altar and sacrificial stone lent an air of realism to the scenes. Mr. Redding served as High Priest of Bohemia. Then came a procession of eight Druid priests bearing six chained captives-- a Gaul, a Celt, a Roman, a barbarian, and two men from the Far North. Each captive was in costume and each in turn pleaded his cause before the assembly, but was condemned to death.

Only the Gaul, who represented Bohemia, was able to make a defense that lifted the sentence from the heads of the captives. A loving cup was then drunk by Druids, captives, and Bohemians. Mephisto and a number of devils rushed in and attempted to rescue Care from the catafalque. The devil made an impassioned address, saying that goodfellowship was a mockery and that care could not be banished. Then the Druid leader drove them into the woods with a lighted torch, which he at once applied to the funeral pyre. After this came the low jinks, a species of amateur minstrel show. Then the Bohemians retired to their tents and to such sleep as the wags and practical jokers of the club permitted them to take.
" (New York Times, June 25, 1899)

From via

According to “Treee,” a young Las Vegas woman who claims to have contacts inside the secretive club, a ritual sacrifice of Mary Magdalene takes place Tuesday July 21; and the ritual sacrifice of Jesus Christ takes place Wednesday, July 22. A human body or effigy is burned in front of an large owl symbolizing Moloch, the pagan Canaanite God. Alex Jones filmed a similar ceremony called “Cremation of Care” July 15, 2000.

If having our world leaders belong to a satanic cult weren’t bad enough, the Las Vegas woman says the Illuminati are actually an alien reptilian species that occupies human bodies and feeds off our energy. I find this hard to believe, but then I would also find it hard to believe the world leadership is making sacrifices to owls. So, I listen and reserve judgment.

Black Mass at Bohemian Grove, 1927

She says: This reptilian species is called “Sangerians;” they are a “fourth dimension race” and make up 3% of the world’s population. She claims to have met “more than one, more than once.” They have three-hearts, shift shapes, are cold blooded, but are developing human feelings from devouring human flesh and blood. “Ten per cent now get their blood from the Red Cross.” Except for sacrifice, their every ritual involves sex. Queen Elizabeth is a leading reptilian. “It all sounds sci-fi and unbelievable,” the woman says. “But everything fits.”

"The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it's just terrible! I mean I won't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."

- President Richard M. Nixon on the Watergate tapes, Bohemian Club member starting in 1953


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Shelby Cobras said...

This cherry pie is a miracle.

mikey bloodbath said...

it's happening again... it is happening again.

did you potatochop some of those pics herr cobras? imagine it'd be hard to find some of those collages, but it's teh internetz

Mister Booze said...

We're just hitting the tip of the iceberg. They killed Tupac!

Shelby Cobras said...

I cannot take credit for any of the manipulated images in this post. The owl/Wash DC street images were respectfully stolen from (a wonderful conspiracy resource) and the Hooters/Egypt collage was jacked from The Freeman Perspective (, one of my favorite sites around for unfounded paranoia.

Booze: This topic is post-worthy. Look for it here soon.

Anonymous said...

Moloch is/was a bull not an owl.

The statue at Grove is an owl, representing nature.

Pretty much everything you posted is incorrect.

Try again my little lamb.

Shelby Cobras said...

Hahaha. You jackass. Didn't you notice that every single word in this post was copied and pasted from other sites?

"The truth" is boring as fuck anyways. Grow some balls, "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Image 6-16 appears to depict the Knights Templar worshiping an idol of Baphomet(not an evil figure, by the way). It also appears to suggest that they existed as a military order even the 19th century, as the attire of the man carrying the flag would indicate. What are your thoughts on that?

Dean Winchester said...

All religions are based on human sacrifice. Christianity is more barbaric than any I've studied so far. God killed millions if not billions and lucifer ten. And god gave man the freedom of choice and men have chosen to kill in the name of god. Just think about the crusades.

Anonymous said...

If in his own homophobic terms, once in awhile Nixon made a lot of sense.