Thursday, December 9, 2010

MetalSucks Readers Lament The Downfall of Korn (Lols Abound)

"that Korn album does suck, this coming from someone who actually bought (hoping it wouldn’t be shit) and listened (to the truly shit) album!"

"dude korn fell off a long time ago… i been a huge fan since 98 and i stopped hoping for a good new album since 2003
but i still think they shouldn’t be first…. all those shitty hot topic bands should… i would rather listen to the new korn album for the rest of 2011 than one sec. of crabcore or whatever the fuck they call it"

"i loved the korn album."

"Korn may not be metal, but they’re certainly a band I grew up listening to. I was so angry after listening to that album."

"Korn, at one time, wasnt completely shitty."

"I dont know if Korn was the shittiest release, but definitely the most disappointing… They waaaay over hyped that, and as someone who used to worship the first two albums (which are still genre defining albums) I cant believe how sub par it is"


Will Towles said...

Who gave that lesbian a Cannibal Corpse hoodie?

Mike said...

Ugh. Ya know, I liked some embarrassingly bad music when I was a teenager. However, I don't go around bragging about it and insisting that it is good because of the fact that I liked it as a teenager. How arrogant can you get?