Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mort Garson - Goblin Alternative

As you do, I love Goblin. But they get all kinds of love from posers and are well represented on the internet. Perhaps it was my love for Goblin that led me to believe I knew something about late 60’s moog based progressive anbialectro soundtrack whichever. Which led me to claim instantly on hearing the first few notes from Mort Garson that he’s “OBVIOUSLY Italian.” In truth, a dozen moog records does not an expert make and Mort Garson is from Canada.

The song featured in the above video is called Déjà Vu and I found it on this weird double record which included two Mort Garson albums that he released under different pseudonyms. Each exquisitely titled, they were: Black Mass by Lucifer (1971) and Ataraxia: The Unexplained (Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult) (1975).
Also, check out these wicked sweet album covers:

To be fair to the reader, these albums are an even mix of strikes and gutters but totally worth downloading for anyone interested in an education in moog. Also, look at this dude. What a cool guy.


Bonus Trivia – Mort did the soundtrack for Kentucky Fried Movie. Strange. (This is also a behind the back pass to anyone who wants to do a post on KFM.)


Cory said...

check this out too. one of my faves ever:

SEANFORD said...

cory, after consulting your blog it is apparent to me that im 6 months behind you on everything.

sorry, two secs, business call.

Shelby Cobras said...

I should point out that this is Sean's first post ever that doesn't mention either a) getting laid or b) 4 Loko.
I'm pretty sure that qualifies him as a "journalist"...?

SEANFORD said...

things are obviously going down hill for me.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Kentucky Fried movie IS awesome, but Amazon Women On The Moon is AWESOMER.