Saturday, December 25, 2010


Anxious Death

Forever Under

Fuck Jesus. Fuck Christmas. Fuck happiness. Fuck toys. Fuck Santa. Fuck holiday "music". Fuck Starbucks. Fuck Black Friday. Fuck fat, stupid Americans watching football and yelling at their fucking television sets. Fuck joy. Fuck stockings hung by the mantle with care. Fuck reindeer. Fuck eggnog and that stupid fucking sweater you're wearing. Fuck parades. Fuck claymation Christmas specials. Fuck Frosty. Fuck your tree. Fuck all the fucking gifts underneath it. Fuck the manger. Fuck the wise men. Fuck the North Star and your goddamn fucking "virgin birth". Your "holiday" is a lie. Your fucking religion is a farce.


Dagon (above right) got you a present this year. It's an hour of face-melting blackened technothrash via Inquisition's first two releases, 1990's two-and-a-half song EP Anxious Death and 1993's full-length demo Forever Under.
All of the sudden, it appears that everyone is swinging from this band's nuts. And for once, I feel that they totally deserve it. Ominous Doctrines of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm is a lock for IllCon's Best Album of 2010, and Inquisition, from all accounts, still seem to be just getting warmed up. Not everyone realizes that these guys have been around since 1988, though, and that Dagon used to be "Jason Wilson", and that they used to be a thrash band from Colombia, and that Dagon's pinch harmonics from this era are some of the finest ever played. This shit is every bit as ripping as anything on their later releases, albeit in an entirely different way. Sure, the bass is out of tune and too high in the mix on Anxious Death, and apparently no one told Dagon that thrash songs should be under 9 minutes or so. But ALL of Forever Under is near-perfect (if a bit rough around the edges), and Dagon's unique and captivating approach to the art of axe-wielding is evident throughout.
Go ahead and worship Inquisition guilt-free. I see absolutely nothing wrong with a killer fucking band finally getting their balls washed after 22+ years of hard work.
Merry Christmas, assholes.

Download HERE
Purchase both releases via 2006 Nuclear War Now! re-issue HERE



Helm said...

Love their earlier technothrash material, love their take on black metal now. Excellent band.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Yup. Poifect seasonal gift Mr Grinch.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yo couch, nigga!

Ambassador MAGMA said...


As good as their early stuff is, they just get better and better and are now at the top of their game, much like The Chasm.

(full disclosure: they come from the same city that my uncle lives in.)

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