Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Thing thing from The Thing.....

I'm gonna keep this (relatively) brief, and I'm also gonna assume that you're all fans of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'. If you ain't, then you can not entry as you are a false. G'wan, AMSCRAY!!

So. Now that it's just us non-falsers left, I'm gonna share something FUCKING AWESOME with you. Does the name Justin 'Uberkvlt' Bartlett mean anything to you? If it does, then you know he's the fuckin' MAN.
If it doesn't, then go to your record/CD collection and have a good rummage through the Black Metal, Doom, Sludge and whatnot. I guarantee you'll have at least ONE of the man's record/CD sleeves in there...Trap Them, Dragged Into Sunlight, the AMAZING new Locrian album, a bunch of Southern Lord covers...see? You know him.

Amongst other things, Justin LOVES 'The Thing', so, when he said that this Hallowe'en he was gonna give us HIS take on what the cover for the VHS version of 'The Thing' should be, well, I was excited.

When I saw it, I was beyond blown away.

Before I unveil it, let us compare the original covers that you may well have on YOUR copy of 'The Thing'

...nothing ostensibly wrong with these. The original cover with the dude in the lit-up parka is pretty iconic, but on the whole, they could ALL be improved upon, right?

With that in mind, FEAST YER PEEPERS!

You gotta be fucking kidding, right?

I bet you'd love to be able to download and print off your own copy, so you can swap out the less awesome one for the super-awesome Uberkvlt one, right?


Yes, it's free, BUT, if you feel like making a small donation then there is the option there. Justin is a struggling artist and the merch from the upcoming Tron:Legacy movie ain't cheap....

Download, replace and enjoy. If you need me, I'll be in my shack getting drunk.


RyGar said...

Bad ass. I especially like the "Rated C for Cult." Nice touch.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Yeah, but its shoulda been 'Rated K for Kvlt'.

Aylmer said...

fantastic. I love the logo. Very cool.

VBERKVLT said...

kvlt is metal
cult is horror

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Gotcha Big Dawg.

VBERKVLT said...

heh heh.... thanks again for the post. Honestly, I did some mental struggling with making the decision to use cult vs kvlt, but I think I made the right one.... much like Sophie's Choice.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Makes poifect sense. BUT, what if it was a film ABOUT kvlt music? WHAT THEN?!?!