Friday, December 24, 2010


On this, the eve of the birth of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, I've obtained for you the one gift that keeps on giving all year long... GANG RAPE.

No need to thank me, just kick back and soak in the blistering, metallic hardcore of this three-quarters female Swedish terror unit by the warmth of a crackling fire, perhaps while you sip at a warm, spiced holiday beverage. Bask in the nostalgia of simpler days with ESL-flavored crust-bangers like "Tell Me No Shit", "Your Life Sucks", and "Come To Conclusion", all while your Yule log is relentlessly assaulted by an avalanche of crunchy guitars, hoarse, screeching vocals, and quasi-D-beat drum pummeling. Drift off into whimsical reverie with the charmingly ham-fisted cautionary tale "Satan At The Wheel", which expounds clumsily on the dangers of drunk driving over an almost nu-metal-esque riff for almost three minutes. Yes, Christmas is a time for you and me... And GANG RAPE.

I've loved this band ever since I was introduced to them via this very same album almost a decade and a half ago. And now, I pass the legacy along to you, Dear Reader.
Shove No Fate right up your chimney-hole and keep it there--as a memento of our friendship, our trust, of goodwill towards men and Gang Rape for all.

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