Saturday, February 20, 2010

RXYZYXR - Demo 2010

There are only a few things you need to know about RXYZYXR:

1) RXYZYXR are from Sweden (in and around Stockholm).

2) RXYZYXR are looking for a singer.

3) To help the process of finding a vocalist, they are giving their demo away for free.

4) They play the sort of math-y, downtuned, Meshuggah-worshipping tech metal that gives boners to dudes like this.

5) These guys are WAY too fucking good to be soliciting demos to a little ol' blog like this one. One visit to their Myspace page will confirm this.

My heartfelt thanks to RXYZYXR member Illight for sending this in. I see big things in the future of this band, no joke. Keep up the excellent work.

Download HERE


Helm said...

Amazing drummer chops and no offense to these dudes, seriously lots of hard work to play like this, but...

Meshuggah have already done this :/

Rob said...

Great sound. They seem to have it together.

Viagra said...

Helm's right, Meshuggah did this already, but you have to admire their efforts and the great work done here. If I were Swedish I'll definitely will try to apply.

Polly said...

amaizing band!!! =O