Thursday, August 6, 2009


This one's for you, atanamar:

5 songs. 76 minutes. Absolutely epic, semi-lo-fi black metal from the Bay Area. Featured members of The Fucking Champs, Asunder, Black Goat, Saros, Sangre Amado, Vomitorium, Iron Vegan, and The Gault. This was their only album. It rules. There are riffs herein that make me weep. For serious.

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Hell Crust said...

i picked this album up a while ago but it is definitely one of the best black metal bands to ever form. one release was all that was needed. good post man.

atanamar said...

Definitely one of the best albums of all time. Spent ages tracking down a copy of this for myself. You can also buy it here
Besides the complete rifftastic carnage, one of my favorite things are John Gossard's vocals. I don't think a human being has ever sounded so absolutely tortured, disconsolate and forlorn. Love it.

Peter said...

Such a good CD

Ambassador MAGMA said...


chris said...

thank you!