Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In which episodes of "The Wizard of Id" are re-written to tell an ongoing tale of violence and intrigue against the backdrop of a brutal medieval monarchy.

Before you read any further, make sure you read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 first.

With the barbarians attacking the East Wall, the Kingdom is in a panic. The Wizard, suspecting his wife of betrayal, plots the death of the King, with the help of the treacherous Cardinal. But who has betrayed who? Without further ado, I bring you the final chapter in this epic saga... "END TIMES"!

...In the Dungeon, the Wizard receives startling news from an endentured spy:

But unbeknownst to the Wizard, the Cardinal's ambition has already led him to an untimely end...

But there is no time to savor His victory. The battle at the East Wall has intensified, and the King must take His leave at once:

The King retreats to the desolate West Tower, where he has arranged an audience with the treacherous Wizard...

The Wizard returns to his dungeons to make amends with his wife, The Sorceress... The new Queen of a crumbling empire.

Stricken, the Wizard flees to his quarters, a widower-King whose Realm is quickly being overrun by the barbarian hordes...

And so it was that the Wizard, through lies and betrayal, took control of the Kingdom, just as the barbarian hordes breached the East Wall of the Keep. With his wife dead by her own hand, the Queenless Wizard-King watched in sorrow as His subjects were slaughtered beneath the swords and axes of their foes. Before long, he himself was captured by the barbarian Queen, and lived out the rest of his days in pain and despair as a slave to the warrior tribe.


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Erik Del Tigre said...

This series was fucking epic.