Monday, April 27, 2009


The hip-hop genre has been largely neglected here on Illogical Contraption, except for the occasional shit-talking on Screamo Crunk or video featuring a Nickelodeon/Lil' Jon mashup. This just ain't right.
As partial penance for this transgression, I offer the 1991 Son of Bazerk album Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk. This shit kills. The first time I heard it, I thought it was some obscure Public Enemy song that had slipped past my radar. But a couple minutes in, I realized it wasn't in fact Chuck D on vocals (although the similarity is striking). Son of Bazerk was produced by The Bomb Squad, the same team that engineered P.E.'s apocalyptic wall-of-sound, which explains the connection. S.O.B.'s audio dynamics are just as dense as intense, although Bazerk are a little more concerned with gettin' some booties shakin' than fuckin' up the government.
Try bumping this record at your next house party. Then, try to keep the asses from movin'. Really. I DARE YOU.

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