Thursday, April 9, 2009


Brutal, complex, grinding Death Metal from the purported home of the Illuminati, Bavaria. These dudes have been around well over a decade now, anchored by the father/son team of Wolfgang Teske anf Lille Gruber. And as if a dad and his kid playing insane Death Metal together wasn't good enough, Defeated Sanity is actually some of the best shit out there if you're a fan of the style, mind-bendingly weird but also straightforward and vicious.
I really can't recommend this album enough. Psalms of the Moribund lands firmly in the ultra-generic "Brutal Death Metal" category, but stands head and shoulders above its peers as far as originality, talent, and composition go. Extremely interesting, violent stuff.
I can't wait to form a band like this with my kid in a couple years.

Below: Check out Wolfgang there in the middle, rocking his own band's shirt. That guy is pumped!

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Anonymous said...

very entertaining series of posts today Mr. Cobras.

mikeTM said...

these guys have effortlessly become my favorite band since you posted this. fucking brutal.