Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Gates of Hell (also known as City of the Living Dead or Paura nella città dei morti viventi in Italy) is a masterpiece of the spaghetti/splatter genre, directed by the one and only Lucio Fulci. It's disturbing, harsh, and extremely gory, making it one of my all-time favorites. I mean, how can you go wrong with a scene in which a priest VOMITS out ALL of his internal organs? You can't. Duh.
Part of the reason the movie rules so fucking hard is the killer score from Mr. Fabio Frizzi. The main theme, which is based almost completely on a single note and then swathed in a bunch of slimy, phased-out funk guitar, is a classic of the Horror genre. Period.
Frizzi's work is a bit derivative, though, as a very clear Goblin influence can be heard throughout. In fact, one of the main recurring themes in the score is an almost exact copy of Goblin's theme from Phenomena (aka Creepers).
But wait! Gates of Hell came out in 1980! Phenomena came out in 1984! So WHO ripped WHO off?!

If Goblin is biting this shit, you know it has to be good. Check it out.

Download HERE

Gates of Hell Trailer:

Not to be confused with Rodin's Gates of Hell SCULPTURE (below).


The Goodkind said...

This actually sounds exactly like the soundtrack to Zombi 2. I suspect that Frizzi did both at the same time, or just one, with a bunch of remixes. That's OK, because the Zombi 2 OST is the best horror ST ever. Yeah, better than this.

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This is awesome, perfect music to but your baby to sleep. And the movie couldn't be better. It has to be one of the best horror movies ever.