Monday, April 13, 2009


For the final installment of this hugely popular series, I've chosen to split it up into my favorite and least favorite genres of music, Metal and indie-rock. Enjoy:


Believe it or not, this Yngwie cover isn't from the 80's. Or even the 90's. This shit is from LAST YEAR!

Whitesnake really straddles the line between awesome and terrible with this one, much the same as that naked chick is straddling that serpent.

Even the masters drop the ball now and then...

I know we've all seen the cover from Meshuggah's ObZen already, but let's take just a minute to really think about it. I would assume that a band who micromanages its songs into weird clusters of 17/32 meter tempo shifts would come up with something a little better than a naked dude with three arms and a muffin top. But apparently I would be wrong. Sorry, Meshuggah. You lost me at Chaosphere.


Megapuss is a side project of "freak folk" balladeer Devandra Banhart. Here, he gives us further proof (as if we needed it) that skinny dudes with big beards and long hair should never, ever, EVER EVER EVER take their clothes off.

More like Clap Your Hands Say.... meh.

Sure, Husker Du and even Sugar were great. But Bob Mould is phoning it in these days, as evidenced by this ambivalent piece of visual nothing.

I'm not a violent guy. But something about this cover just makes me want to punch that guy in the face. Again. And again. And again. And again.

Wow, it looks like someone in "Sia" has access to Microsoft Paint! Guess what? So do I:

That took me exactly 7 minutes and 31 seconds, "Sia". Fuck you.


Anonymous said...

More like Crap Your Pants Say Blaeh!

Shelby Cobras said...

Hey, DATHAN! Good to hear from you, fucker!
Hey, Cretaceous is playing in Seattle this Thursday, you should go check it out (Seattle's WAY closer to Milwaukee than SF).