Saturday, April 25, 2009


Found inside a safe-cooking manual in the kitchen of the Hotel Carter in Eureka, CA in the mid-90's. In case you were wondering, this principle is known as "Pong's Axiom #1".
Definitely made a bit creepier by the unexplained brown stains on it as well.

Bonus Item A:

A panel I clipped from Dilbert somewhere in the early 90's. To me, it looks like he's jacking a ho for her purse and calling her a "snatch". Cuz that's how Dilbert rolls.

Bonus Item B:

Another panel clipped from the funny papers in the early 00's. I don't know what this looks like to YOU GUYS, but to ME it looks like a couple people surprised to find a depressed badger jerking off in their refrigerator.

Note the sound effects: "swish swish swish".

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