Friday, April 24, 2009


Some people really dig poorly-produced, lo-fi black metal (I'm not naming any names, but CLICK THE LINK). And while I understand the charm and appeal of teenagers recording Metal songs for Satan in bedrooms and basements all accross the world, I just don't dig the lo-fi stuff that much myself. I like decent production on a record. I'm "new school".
But there are several low-budget black metal bands that I dig. One such band is Finland's Beherit, particularly their 1993 release Drawing Down The Moon. I won't spend a bunch of time explaining why I love Beherit. I think one look at the band photo below should sum it up.

Download HERE

Editor's Note: Beherit did some really trippy atmospheric/experimental stuff later in their career, too. Head on over to Cosmic Hearse and check it out.


Peter said...

Id like to nominate this album for an addition to the worst album covers of all time threads....

Shelby Cobras said...

No way, dude! i count at least THREE exposed nipples.

... A classic.

All of Witchfinder General's covers are pretty similar to that one, though.

Anonymous said...

2 words for the best lo fi jams - Bone Awl.

chris said...

i love the lo fi! thanks for posting.
i 2nd the Bone Awl comment

Generic Cialis said...

Production is the second thing that makes me like or not a record. If the production quality sucks, then the record sucks, even if there are great songs in it