Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dysrhythmia plays that tripped-out, complex, weird tempo, post-whatever instrumental music school-nerd type stuff that is guaranteed to scare chicks away by the dozens. Worse yet, they've recruited this guy to play bass-itar for them since the release of Barriers And Passages. I don't know what these guys are thinking, but they're definitely tuned into some NEXT LEVEL SHIT. Check 'em out.

Download HERE


Chad said...

colin marston is an insane musician. i saw him perform with Krallice last december at thee parkside with Ludicra, by far one of the best shows ive seen to date. anyways just wanted to say really cool blog, i started reading from the first post and enjoyed every one. peace.

Generic Viagra said...

I've seen guys that are just all messed up, but this kids are completely over the top, insane. I've got no idea of how to label this guys. Either they are extremely ahead of our time, or way too high.

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