Monday, April 20, 2009


The Bloodhag recipe is actually quite simple: Write awesome fucking biographical Death Metal songs about Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors. From Tolkien to Stephenson to McCaffrey, these dudes have covered their bases (except for Dan Simmons, dammit!), and after nigh unto a decade of touring and recording have stayed true to their unique vision. If you follow this blog at all, you probably realize that the combination of Science Fiction and Metal gets me hotter than a habanero pepper on the surface of the Sun, which is why I've had a Bromantic crush on these guys since I first saw them at The Vista in Eureka back in '01. I was struck in the forehead by a paperback book thrown by their lead singer (a common occurence at Bloodhag shows), and although the physical impact wasn't painful, the visceral impact was immense. Death Metal songs about Sci-Fi authors. Why the fuck didn't I think of that?

Anyhow, I was informed several weeks ago that my own dinosaur-themed Metal band, Cretaceous, had been booked with Bloodhag at The Comet in Seattle. I was of course delighted, and the show was fucking great. Bloodhag are serious Bros, and I was as stoked to nerd out with them about books as I was to share the stage with them. Their set was absolutely crushing.

Here's their 2001 release Necrotic Bibliophilia. Study up.

Download HERE

A quick story: Bloodhag's bass player, Zach, was rocking a sweet Highlander baseball cap at the show, which I of course commented on. "Thanks", he said. "If I ever caught someone else wearing one I'd probably have to kill them".
When I inquired as to why, he responded, "There can be only one".


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How come there aren't more bands that use Sci-Fi thees on there music in a Black/Death Metal style. Is it only suitable for Power Metal? I don't think so. And what a great answer... "There can be only one"..