Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know, I know. You guys are used to getting your "Double Features" on Saturday, but I picked up these two sweet demos on tour last week and thought I'd slap 'em together into one handy package. So you guys get TWO Double Features this week. Fuckin' deal with it.


Thirtythreeandathird is a foot-stompin', fist- pumpin' instru-metal band from Eureka/Arcata composed of three Bros/ex co-workers of mine: Smiley on bass, Graham on drums, and C.J. on guitar. They play a wah-wah heavy, riffadelic brand of driving, low-end powered Stoner Rock not unlike Mastodon, Red Fang, or Bison B.C., with hints of off-tempo weirdness and some really incredible drum work. Their set at The Alibi in Arcata last Saturday left me shell-shocked, sore-necked (due to banging of head) and soaked in cheap beer (thanks, Bob).
These guys are touring on the left coast this August. You "stony" types should really go check em' out.

Download HERE


You'd never know from their inauspicious, non-Metal appearance, but the guys in Evangelist churn out some truly sickening Deathgrind, mixing up short, lightning fast blasters with the occasional slow, ponderous prog-metal opus. Their drummer is especially insane, using the traditional jazz stick grip to grind through some of the silliest blast beats this side of Napalm Death. These guys stay true to their name, too, preaching the Gospel through gutteral/Donald Duck vocals in a heartfelt attempt to save all our souls from the Devil.
We actually had a great conversation about how Satan planted dinosaur bones on Earth to test the faith of God's children. Thought provoking stuff.

Download HERE

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