Wednesday, April 8, 2009


You guys remember Renegade, that awesome good-cop-on-the-run action series that ran from 1992-1997? I hope you do, but if not here's the intro to refresh your memory:

Above: Lorenzo Lamas very rarely wears shirts.

In Renegade, former soap star Lorenzo Lamas portrayed Reno Raines, a former cop falsely accused of murder who must take to the road astride his iron steed to protect the innocent and clear his name. Though Lamas rose to fame on Falcon Crest (in which he played the embarassingly-named Lance Cumson), Lamas was no sissy, and in fact holds black belts in both karate and taekwondo.

Right: Lamas and JCVD kick it beachside, in a photo that is neither homoerotic nor unsettling in any way.

In addition to being the summation of mid-90's biker radness in Renegade, Lorenzo also starred in a whole shitload of awesome martial arts/action films, such as Snake Eater (1989) and its sequels, Gladiator Cop (1995), Midnight Man (1995), The Rage (1997), Black Dawn (1997), CIA Code Name: Alexa (1993), and CIA II: Target Alexa (1994). He even pulled a Swayze in 1984, recording the theme song, "Fools Like Me", for his own film, Body Rock (does ANYONE know where I can find a video or at least an mp3 of this jam?).
Yes, Lorenzo Lamas is a true renaissance man - a guy who could kick your ass, steal your woman, and then write and perform a song about it afterword. Big ups to the guy for somehow being hard as nails and smooth as silk, all at the same time.

Below: Does that shotgun seem kind of small to anyone else?

A clip from Renegade in which Lorenzo and co-star Branscombe Richmond beat the crap out of a bunch of dudes. Warning: Some asshole set it to that song "Kung Fu Fighting":

Another clip of Lamas in ultra-awesome spy gear killing a guy:

Next week: A top-secret, super special 'Semi-Obscure Action Star of the Week'. Care to hazard a guess who it is?


Jimbo said...

bolo yeung?

Shelby Cobras said...

Nice try, but no. Maybe in the future, though. Hmmm...

James said...

That show was great because, during the age of short hair, a hair hero was pimping on a tv show and in real life married to a playboy playmate.

Shelby Cobras said...

Well spoken, James.

Erik Del Tigre said...

If there's one dude who doesn't need to compensate with a big shotgun, it's Lorenzo Lamas. I mean, look at that haircut.