Saturday, April 11, 2009


Two absolutely essential Metal albums, one Death, one Thrash:


This sucker right here withstands the test of time. Something about the whole 'outer space' element coupled with the insane guitar shreddery along with the gang vocals and stupid subject matter place this album firmly in my all-time top 10 thrash albums. Possibly top 5. But what really gets me is the very distinct German accent present in the vocals. A thick German lilt just makes Metal songs sound WAY better, as Destruction, Kreator, and Sodom have taught us in the past. Pair it up with songs about stupid shit like eating junk food (in the appropriately named "Junk Food"), and you've got a winner on your hands.
Speaking of hands, did you notice how the band members' heads are attached to the fingertips of the Wolverine/caped farmer/alien guy on the cover? Thrash Metal Gold.

Download HERE


From what I understand, "Asesino" is Spanish for "assassin". The meaning of "Cristo Satanico" is anyone's guess, though. Probably something about how much they love Christ. I dunno...
Anyway, call me crazy here, but Asesino, a sort-of second incarnation of Brujeria led by Dino Cazares, actually OUT-BRUTALS its predecessor. By far. Asesino is Brujeria on speed, with crazier riffs, more blastbeats, and more fucked-up subject matter.
Don't get me wrong here. I'm no Cazares fanboy. I never liked Fear Factory and couldn't hang with Divine Heresy (that singer was a major douche). But Asesino is some crazy shit. This album will quite literally pummel the shit out of you.
Side note: Asesino covers two Brujeria songs on this CD. What the fuck?

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PS: Happy post #420, you fucking drug addicts!


Jimbo said...

assassin fucking rule! i like the upcoming terror better though, but yeh, what a classic band

Todd said...

Thanks for that Assassin album. I like what's happening here; linked.