Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dorito dust in your hair farm?

Hello people. This is Danava. Why have we skipped over Danava? What gives man? Is it that you're too busy wrecking necks to sit back on your bean bag chair in your sweatpants and take a few bong rips? Lady is on your ass about doing laundry and taking her to spatula city? Fuck dude. That sucks. Life is hard man. Let's take a break from these 1st world problems and go on a demon ride.

Danava literally means "demon" or enemies of God. Yet they hail from Portland. Yes, another great fucking band from Portland STOP MAKING ME WANT TO MOVE THERE GOD DAMN IT.
They rule. 'Nuff said. Well, I'll say something-fuck it. They combine elements of jazz, psych, rock, doom, and at times glam and I love them. Hair Farmers. Why isn't there a Hair Farmer or Dorito dust tag on this blog? Why you gotta be shunning the stoners dude?

Hair Orgy

Hmm, oh well here's there first album from 2006. Pretty Cockwind (Hawkwind with a lot more dick in it) kinda like these guys from my first post.


Or the 2008 epic follow up UnonoU:


They also put out a split with homies Lecherous Gaze and Earthless-BUY IT- you bum. And stop stealing all my quarters I know it was you. Get a job.


mikeTM said...

Rips. I bought a shirt from these guys and when it took too long to get here, they sent me an additional, even cooler shirt. Looking forward to seeing them in BK.

littlefeather said...

I'm hung over and that above photo almost made me puke. Disgusting. Saw Danava with the LEcherous Gaze over SXSW...dug the shite. The Danava singers voice reminded me a little like the Budgie singer.

SEANFORD said...

greg is an ultimate bro. if you tour pdx, you have to play the east end. he'll probably do sound, DJ the show and hook you up with some very killer nachos from a very unlikely location. seriously though, when i trying to play the NW for the first time and none of my favorite bands would give me the time of day greg would always take the time to get back to us with some helpful advice. meant a lot to young dude.

ryan said...

I REALLY need to grab some stuff from these guys. I saw them live and was blown away but I don't have any of their records, they're one of the only bands doing the "modern psyche" thing that are worth a damn.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I thought you'd already have been all over Danava by now, otherwise I'd have hipped you to 'em a while back! Fucking KILLER band.

Oh, and - grammar police here - it's 'their' not 'there' ;-)

Manslaughter said...

Oh I've been hip to Danava for a good long while, just was wondering how it was that no one posted them? Awesome dudes, caught them a little while back with Red Fang and kinda blew my mind.