Monday, April 18, 2011


An Italian prog classic and favorite of mine, I present Antonius Rex. Antonio, who comprised this band I believe (I don't do wiki or research before I post, I'm just assuming that this was his prog-ject:Antonio=Antonius DUUUUH) was briefly in Black Widow, an excellent band if I do say so myself, as well as contributing to the occult prog soundscapes of Jacula.

(Antonio Bartoccetti-Satan's right hand man)

I'm into witchy shit with lots of organs and ladies singing chants and violins and flutes and shit. Here's their album from 1977, ZORA. Rather proggy and classical, with a satanic twist. My favorite song on the album? Morte al Potere- It's the soundtrack to your first bong hit of the night.

Stonin' and Bonin'.


Unknown said...

i will stone and bone to this tonight in your honor.

Shelby Cobras said...

Satan has a LEFT hand man.

Manslaughter said...

Oh, right. I'm ambidextrous, and easily confused.

ftwdclxvi said...

You're dead-on, pretty killer, but still not as good as Shub-Niggurath's "Les Mort Von Vite", but then again, nothing is, was, or ever will be.