Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've been enjoying this "Guilty Pleasures Week" theme and just wanted to chime in with some of my own. I have kids so I listen to a lot of music about eating vegetables, looking both ways before crossing the street, marching ants, cows going moo and cats going meow and shit like that. It's all very catchy, very easy to listen to, and can get stuck in your head with alarming ease. As a result, I end up humming these songs while going about my day and eventually mixing them into the music I listen to at work. This, of course, results in increasingly strange looks from co-workers and customers who at first think I'm listening to normal adult music but quickly realize that I am listening to songs about talking donkeys and the yumminess of fruit salad. So in addition to my generally bad attitude, I also have very strange taste in music. Things seem awkward after that.

Here are two examples, both by this guy named Justin Roberts, who plays with the Not Ready for Naptime Players:

And, for the other parents out there, I've always liked this song by Fred Eaglesmith:

In reality I have several guilty pleasures, as I'm sure we all do. I've been "politely asked to leave" several adult drinking establishments for steadfastly refusing to lower my voice while singing along to this song. And I still have a poster with this chick on it somewhere (but, honestly, if you've seen someone six times in concert you need to keep some sort of memento, right?). And I've been lying to my best friend for ten years now about how much I like this song. If you're too lazy to click on the links they are: Bruce Springsteen, Tori Amos, and The Strokes, just so you know.


Helm said...

The character of guilt is such that one is reticent to admit to it. Therefore with your emotional outings in the last series of posts you run the risk of emotional betterment, of graduating your guilty pleasures to the status of just pleasures. Become all you can be, beautiful illogical contraption angels!

Shelby Cobras said...

*wipes tear from eye*