Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'll let this anonymous comment from my Inquisition post over on The Living Doorway this morning do the talking in regards to longtime IllCon favorites Absu:

"... how interesting none of you people knew Inquisition five years ago all of a sudden everyone loves them. has the internet suddently become true or is this just more gay posing. not you specicfcially but yeah. i doubt these people know anything or get metal. if you can listen to "slam" and then inquisiiotn like it's just music you don't know metal. all those bone awl noise black "metal" people - you don't know metal. there is a spirit, there is a common spring from which you can get Saxon and Judas Priest and Inquisition and Arghsoslent and Von and Beherit AND YOUR NOISE METAL CRAP IS NOT FROM THIS. your sledge-hardcore "metal is not from this. "*

So true, so true.
Please enjoy two discs of "noise black sledge-hardcore" B-sides and rarities from the blackest realms of rural Texas, courtesy of Proscriptor, Shaftiel, and company. I usually don't go in for these live/rare/lost track collections, but HOLY SHIT, MAN--these are some DEEP CUTS. Kicks off with that ill jam from the Gummo soundtrack, rips through some siiiick Mayhem and Possessed covers, and ends with some surgically-executed live tunes from the band's heyday. Their proper albums are great, but so far, this is some of the best Absu shit I've ever heard. DEEP CUTS BRO.
Thanks to Brother Gordon for sending this one down the mountain.


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The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I do not disagree with what the illiterate anonymous chickenshit says, in principle.

Helm said...

Everything True is inherently a pose: as there is no objective truth inherent to this world, to survive one must manifacture and hold tenents of their own or die in the darkness of knowlessness. The world as will and representation.

All heavy metal is gay: an abberation, a contradiction in terms, something ugly into something beautiful, something weak and lame turns into a god of strength and dignity. It doesn't make sense, there is no LOGIC in it. There is nothing 'straight' about Heavy Metal. It is virility spent in a spiral towards nothingness, but the trajectory is so inspiring and beautiful. Such waste of animation furthers the biological agenda of the human as much as ejaculating into the human sewage disposal that is the anus. The verbiage of the 'true metalhead' belies their own frustration with how they spend their strength.

To those that are 'straight and true', let them fly face first into the immovable rock that is the noumenon, let them crush their heads against destiny: there is nothing there for any of us.

Absu put out a very good record once, I urge everyone to listen to it.

brett said...

If he was really true, he would be too introverted and perma-disgusted to even bother with something like the internet.

This is a killer collection. That song from Gummo got me into them.


Nekromantis said...

Helm, Sweet ANALogy! :D I feel like saving it for the future generations..

Anonymous said...

It's all Ray Prozac's fault.

Shelby Cobras said...

Helm's right, heavy metal is buttfucking.

ryan said...

I wanna see one neck snap tonight.

Max said...

To thine own self be true, and fuck the rest. Keeping it real is for suckers.