Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neil Merryweather

Man, my Dad. Seriously the best dude ever. He used to have this killer van, actually, at one point both of my parents drove incredible vans. Anyway his van had a table in the back.  If you were sitting on the bench seats in the back you were also sitting at a table, fucking ready for anything.  The license plate, not joking, was STRCRZR.  So some years ago when I was commissioning an artist to do a portrait of another van, and she asked me what I wanted the license plate to say, I of course took the chance to honor my father.

yes, it glows in the dark

Those who cruz the stars in vans are heroes in hessian mythology.  For the great explores of a modern generation, consciousness is our only frontier. And for a stoned 26 year old dude in his unfurnished apartment wishing he could assemble enough change to score a burrito, there are records like this:

credit where it is due


Anonymous said...

Dayum! Now that is a jam. Good shit Seanford.

Wendy Stonehenge said...

SEANFORD said...

ha, that makes sense to me man. this dude definitely looks a lot like future you. you should do an homage for the GW album cover.

Manslaughter said...

I want one of those glow in the dark van posters PLZ.