Sunday, February 18, 2018


In today's installment, Shelby and Aesop celebrate their two-year anniversary by meeting up with the Final Boss of Death Metal Dads, Mr. Tony "He" Molina (Tony Molina Band, Ovens, Healer, etc). Slam metal and the Hailz Distro Group Chat are discussed at length, and as a special Valentine's Day exclusive, Aesop finally shares the sordid details of the ancient Hickey/Voodoo Glow Skulls Split 7" Debacle. Lots of Bay Area music history and solid roasts in this one, so buckle up!

Also discussed: The Pink Immortal Onesie, An Unnecessary Transaction, The Best Tambourine-Repair Shop In Philadelphia, Long Island Slam Metal Blanket Fort, A Reference To Overwhelming Colorfast, Shelby Can't Believe A Vegan Donut, Roger Osborne, The Malignancy Pillow, Tom Araya Going "Aaaahhhhhhhh", A Burger That Has Onion Straws On It And BBQ Sauce And, Like, An IPA, Paul Bostaph's Favorite Ninja Weapon, A Reddit Rabbit-Hole, Paul Ryan/Gordon Jump, The Taco Bell Jerky Lady, Oakland Blacksmiths, When Hardcore Kids Hear Dismember 5 Minutes Ago And Start A Band About It, No-Riff-erum, Fuckin' In A Fire Truck, Building A Community And Supporting The Homies, A Trumpet Full of Yogurt, How Can You Be Gangster When You Play A Trombone?, The Cool Guy Clique, New Standard Elite: The Only Metal Record Label Based On A Yacht, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry And The Drummer From Internal Bleeding, A Potato With Four Toothpicks Stuck In It With Chewing Gum For A Head, Bands That Have Parts, Defining Interesting Riff Metal, Pinch Harmonics Chat, One Singular Slam, Die In A Fire, Matching Cephalotripsy Hoodies As A Symbol of Pure Friendship, Swoopy Bangs And Stretched Earlobes, Shitty Dudes In A Wood-Panel Basement In 1993, That Time Tony Showed Up To California Deathfest In A Cardigan Holding A Totebag, Anti-Bowman, Little Fight Club, Revisiting The Underwear Punx, Unibrow/Mustache Unity, Crust Punk Rob Schneider, Burnt Ramen vs Gilman vs Mission Records, For Fans of Slap Bass And Grey Aliens, The Burlingame Coat Factory, A Bridge Into The World of Extreme Music And The Occult, The Jello Biafra of Black Metal Bands, Scaphism Chat And The Kings of Ping, Walnut Krieg, The Vanilla Gorillas, Legends of Millbrae Grindcore, Folger's Pigeons, Prison Guards, Weed Raps, Printing Errors, Howling Bulls, Vulgar Crystals, Christian Death Metal, Myspace, Texas Instruments, ASCII Metal, Fudgegazi, Chainsmoking, Quitting Bands, and, as always, The DMD Bump and Fatherly Advice. EVERYONE ARE POSERS.


Cephalotripsy, "Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration"

Tony Molina Band, "No One Told He"

Hickey, "Food Stamps And Drink Tickets"



PS The Creedence song that had the first ever slam was "Looking Out My Back Door"


Adam Slamdler Eats Peyote And Argues With His Ignorant Horse / Astral Projection Is Real / Ron Paul Is Here / Stone Poles / Chemtrail On The Net / Syrian Aquarians / Those Aren’t Clouds Daddy, Those Are Chemtrails / SF Bacterial Weapons Test / Ain’t No Photographs Of Earth / Lemme Tell You Somethin Bout The Space Station

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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Finally unleashed today, this five song EP is a project that Bowie (my multi-talented partner / love of my life) and I have been working on for many months. At times, its creation has been a process as frustrating as it's been fun, but we're both really stoked with the end result.

TENEBRAPHOBIA is a tribute to the throbbing synth scores that are the defining signature of so many '70s and '80s Italian and North American horror films. Scores by the likes of Goblin, John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi.

Bowie's take on the genre is gnarly. Horror synth as filtered through a punk attitude. These tunes rock.

All tracks/recording/mixing by Ms. Raffan. All the other shit: your's truly.

Enjoy, share, but whatever you do, turn it the fuck UP!

Monday, February 5, 2018


In today's episode, the Dads sit down formally in the austere and labyrinthine lobbies of Radio Valencia HQ with friend, aunt, co-conspirator, and Illogical Contraption Radio host Sara Murphy to discuss furries, Bay Area life, music, feminism, job interviews, and the horrifying banality of everyday life. Epiphanies unfurl and dreams are shattered at neck-breaking speeds, and soon the doomed trio succumb to unavoidable despair in a futile gesture of ultimate chaos and misery. Also: jokes about poop!

Also featured herein: A Show For Moms, One Spray And You're South of The Border, The Cum Manifesto, IKEA Banana, The Kitchen From An Eighties Mental Hospital, Too Much of A Team Player, An Actual Lion, Adults In Toddler Clothing, Less Offensive Than Dave Matthews, A Preview of The DMD Mother's Day Special, Seth Putnam's Acoustic Solo Project, A Young Jew, Prick Springfield, "That Sounds Fingerbang-y", M.I.R.V. Chat, Jarboe Reading Poetry Off Of Eugene Robinson's Bare Torso While Neurosis Plays Noodly Ambient Music In The Background, Frequent Assaults, The New York Longstockings, Where's Primus?, Re-Heating The Same Ideas, Something To Whack Off To, Basically Just Making Fun of Hammers of Misfortune, Kind Of Ethnic, Professional Backtracking, Yoga Music And The Brain Bubbles, The Amebix Nicotine Patch, An Albino In A Onesie In The Produce Aisle, 'Lennies, Top Ramen (No Bottoms), Holocaust Record Store, Shopping For Ham Steaks And Bulk Mayonnaise, A Separate Heaven For Hawaiians, The Blood Incantation Shirt Shirt, Identifyin' Imagine Dragons, ASMR Chat (Again), Mustache Doctor, Ed Sheeran Reminisces About Friendster, New Kids On The Blockchain, The Chase Mason Special, Cosmic Carpet, Andergrans Meatl, Hate Mail, Squashing The Beef With Squash Bowels, That's So Murphy, Alameda's Own Brad Willis, Proud Irish Girl, Mephisto Odyssey Park, An Unhealthy Fixation On A Co-Worker, The Boobs Part In "Schindler's List", Femayor, A Lecture About Tipping Generously, A Guy In A Diaper Onstage, Josh Needs An Operation, Wasting Time At The Gas Station, The DMD Platinum Club, "Stash" Dekker, #ReleaseTheDemo, Pizzagate or Whatever, A Shoutout To God, Tiki Torches From Pier One Imports, Short For Trishtopher, Broken Home vs Broken Hope, Old Soup Found In The Microwave of The Lactation Room, Aesop/Andrea, The Nuge, The DMD Bump, and of course, Fatherly Advice. It's an all-day vape!


Tiamat, "In The Shrines of the Kingly Dead"

Puny Humans, "Deicide, At Their Mom's House"


Sunday, February 4, 2018


Get ready for 2 hours and 23 minutes of top shelf weirdness, co-starring, in chronological order, everyone who has ever dared to appear on Nights After Dark! I asked each guest to pick their Favorite Weird Thing (conspiracy theory / fringe idea / cryptid / etc) and explain it to me. Every single one of them brought the fire. I love you all! Kiss kiss kiss kiss! Now press play and let the strange vibes wash over you.


0:00:33 - SARAH & HER TAROT
0:42:00 - SHELBY
0:55:08 - AL
1:01:08 - CHARLES
1:12:00 - JASON
1:22:48 - CORY & ZACK
1:30:47 - ORION
1:39:05 - SARA & WELF
2:01:35 - COLIN
2:13:28 - WILL

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