Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Robitussin:

I have consumed you more than solid food in the last four days. Yet I am endlessly coughing. I keep drinking you. I think you are opening my third eye.

I keep waking up in cold sweats, having hallucinated that I was wandering endlessly in a sunless forest. My clothing was replaced by a wolf's bane, I was surrounded by savage women, baring carnivorous teeth and bloody bosoms.

I was being dragged to a ceremony. It was a Ceremony of the most Bloody kind, being offered to the Great God Pan. Flutes and fires and fables. Oh my.

Blood Ceremony

(Based on actual robitussin hallucinations: take heed, stick to weed, and happy 4:20 ya'll)


Anonymous said...

Happy 420, Manslaughter and the IC crew. Imma do 80 mg of oxy and get happy. Peace out, niggas!

Shelby Cobras said...

The Cobras 420 Cocktail: Rice, assorted fruit, and bottled water. I'll teach you rookies about HARDCORE LIVING.

Manslaughter said...

I'm pretty sure that's how they make Pruno (prison wine-vile stuff).